classicalpunk symphonyofdestruction

"Classical Punk" or "Symphony of Destruction" (as it was known in the USA) released on MCI/Demon/Music Club, was either a thing of beauty or an object of hate, depending on your point of view. A string orchestra performing all your punk favourites, from "No More Heroes" to "Pretty Vacant". Monty arranged and co-produced the album over an emotional summer of 1994. It sold thousands and is still available today. Try Amazon in the UK for both the USA and the UK versions (different sleeves but the same album) and to listen to a preview, or if you are in the USA, try the Amazon site Stateside.

1. No More Heroes 2. Babylon's Burning 3. Sheena Is a Punk Rocker 4. Down in the Tube Station at Midnight 5. Holiday in Cambodia 6. White Riot 7. Gary Gilmore's Eyes 8. Ever Fallen in Love? 9. Love Song 10. Another Girl, Another Planet 11. Where's Captain Kirk? 12. Alternative Ulster 13. Germ Free Adolescents 14. Teenage Kicks 15. Strangle Hold 16. Hersham Boys 17. Sound of the Suburbs 18. Pretty Vacant

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