"A typical scorpio" was released in the UK on Humbug records and in Japan on Midi Misubishi. Thirty musicians contributed including the legendary Dave O'Brien, Dave Bird and Steve Williams from the Dubious Brothers, Jason "Moose" Harris from New Model Army and the Damned, Jackie Carreira from Girlschool and Dominic Luckman from Cardiacs. The physical CD has long since been deleted . Watch the video of "I'm Spartacus" HERE

NEWS ALERT: A Typical Scorpio is now available from the ITUNES music store and other good download sites such as


Track listing

1. Mr Inconsistent

2. I'm Spartacus

3. Will I Ever Learn

4. Understanding Alfie

5. Ah Voodoo

6. Baby Octopus

7. Moving The Goalposts

8. Signorina

9. Come Into My Parlour

10. Can You Do The Mashed Potato?

11. Marianne

12. Say The Word

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